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We firmly believe in connecting with partners and brands who are passionate about their work and vision. If this is you, we would love to talk and see how we can help you take your brand to new heights.
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What Makes Us Any Different?

This isn’t a job to us. It’s a lifestyle. A commitment to be the very best. We dedicate every hour, every drop of ink, to helping your brand wield and express that X-factor no one else in the market possesses and we are ruthless about distilling the very best of your brand down into deliverable messages and products that connect with buyers, investors and partners. 


In a world where you’re greeted with thousands of decisions all before coffee - like which one of the hundreds of boxes of cereal you’d like best for breakfast - how do you break through the clutter?

Helicon was born out of necessity.

Our approach is to help you discover what the true essence of your brand and messaging is and to sculpt your abilities into experiences that attract new customers and applaud your current audience. 

Strongly committed to the success clear and timely communication exhibits, we believe in transparency and collaboration. We exist to uncover the most impactful solutions to any problem that comes our way, and we have damn fun doing it!